Celebrity Tummy Tuck Surgery

Celebrity Tummy Tuck Surgery celebrity tummy tuck picture

Celebrity Tummy Tucks & Plastic Surgery

The media's obsession over bikini body perfection has influenced the aspirations of many women and girls. Some of the main attributes of the perfect beach body is a flat tummy a six pack. Pictures and video of celebrities with six packs are common place. There seems to be ever increasing pressure on these celebrities to achieve new levels of perfection from the media and expectation from the public.

It is no surprise then that plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular, in particular celebrity tummy tuck surgery. Right or wrong, celebrities are often role models for others and the bar is raised. This then leaves more and more women and girls feeling unhappy with their own waist or belly. In response, women may turn to cosmetic surgery to get that must have flat tummy and to make themselves. With the affordable prices of today, cosmetic surgery is not just for celebrities. Are we stuck in some kind of socially fuelled loop of ever increasing higher expectations for six pack abs or that flat tummy?

celebrity tummy tuck picture celebrity tummy tuck picture

The Latest Celebrity Diet; Or Is It Cosmetic Surgery

The press and the many celebrity focused magazines are always keen to show slim celebrities. The mention of the latest new miracle diet that a celebrity has followed with pictures of her slim figure can throw the focus away from the fact that cosmetic surgery has been used to help achieve the results. Some really do achieve their results through diet and exercise but the reality is that many celebrities use cosmetic surgery procedures, in particular tummy tuck and liposuction, to provide the figure they are proud to exhibit.

When looking at pictures of celebrities, in particular where the press are promoting their fantastic bikini beach bodies, please remember there is the possibility of the press airbrushing on the pictures you are viewing in order to enhance their story. Check out our tummy tuck before and after pictures for a realistic look at the results of abdominoplasty surgery. If you are interested in tummy tuck surgery yourself, click to compare UK tummy tuck prices and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Celebrity Tummy Tucks

It is often difficult to get a true picture of which celebrities have actually had tummy tuck surgery and those who have not. Some are open and honest about it, for example Kerry Katona, pictured above whereas others will claim that their flat tummy is down to diet and hard work at the gym, personal trainer, boot camp etc.

The following celebrities are rumoured to have had tummy tucks:

celebrity tummy tuck picture celebrity tummy tuck picture
Celebrity Name
Angelina Jolie
Anna Nicole Smith
Britney Spears
Carnie Wilson
Helena Christensen
Karolina Kurkova
Kate Gosselin
Kerry Katona
Octomom Nadya Suleman
Patricia Heaton
Ricki Lake
Shar Jackson
Sharon Osbourne
Star Jones