Julia's Story: Why Weight Loss Left Me Needing A Tummy Tuck

Julia's Story: Why Weight Loss Left Me Needing A Tummy Tuck

Julia's weight gain started during her pregnancy. Unfortunatelty, it didn't stop after her daughter Louise was born as Julia had expected. She continued to gain weight over the next few years to follow, a night out with friends made her realise that she needed to do something to change her lifestyle. Julia's strong determination and hard work allowed her to achieve her goal. However, not everything from her plus size days were put to right by her new diet and exercise plan. Something was left over that she could't change and she didn't like it.

My Weight Gain

Throughout my teens and early twenties, I was always slim and active; I was a member of a local gym which I visited at least twice a week. I didn't bother too much about what I ate but I was always busy, spending time with friends, doing all the things girls of that age do! The thought of cosmetic surgery and a tummy tuck hadn't even crossed my mind back then.

I met my husband, Mike, when I was 24 and I was pregnant within 8 months. During my pregnancy, I continually felt hungry. I ate and ate. My husband just laughed and often joked, "Eating for two again?" I had piled on 42 lb by the time I gave birth to Louise. I had not been concerned too much about gaining so much weight during my pregnancy as I had told myself that a lot of it was the baby. "I'll soon get my figure back." I had told myself.

Naturally, Louise took up a lot of my time and attention. When Mike and I got time together, we'd either go out for a meal or to the cinema. Sometimes we'd just stay and get a take away and snacks to eat. My appetite from the time of my pregnancy still continued and I'd often snack on crisps, chocolate and biscuits.

My Weight Loss

By the time I hit 30, I weighed 17 stone. The weight had just crept on gradually. I had been aware that I had been putting on weight but I'd generally just wear comfortable clothes and I hadn't really been interested in getting dressed up for a night out. It finally hit me one day when I was invited on a friend's hen night. I really didn't feel comfortable in any clothes that I tried on. I ended up not going and making up an excuse about Louise being ill.

From then on I was determined to lose weight. I built up to walking 5 miles a day. I changed what I ate and my attitude towards my diet. I cut out most of the snacks, just leaving weekends for treating myself. I used a diary to write down what I was eating each day. Whenever I craved sweet things or snacks, I would think about how I would feel after I had eaten it instead of how I felt before. I convinced myself that it wouldn't be worth it.

In the next 18 months, I managed to loose 65 lbs and I had made it back to the gym. A lot of the weight I had piled on was around my middle and I was glad to see if go off the same area. However, I had started to become concerned about stretch marks and loose skin around my tummy. I thought that this would firm up after a while. I tried firming creams but to no avail.

One Small Problem

When I went to see my G.P. about my excess tummy skin, she explained that this is a common outcome for people undergoing such dramatic weight loss. I started to think about having a tummy tuck but I didn't act upon it. Over the next year or so, I lost more weight and I got down to 11 stone. I knew then that I the only way to get rid of the excess skin was to have a tummy tuck.

Mike supported me through the entire process. He was with me on the finance side of it and there for me at the initial consultation. After the tummy tuck surgery, I was obviously sore but I was happy with the results. I knew that I would end up with a scar but it is around my bikini line. My tummy is now much flatter and doesn't have any overhanging skin. I feel comfortable enough now to wear shorts and a bikini top at the beach. There is no way I would have done this before the surgery.


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