Cosmetic Surgery Forums and Clinic Reviews Launched

Cosmetic Surgery Forums and Clinic Reviews Launched

Cosmetic Surgery Community

A set of cosmetic surgery forums on has been eagerly awaited and we are please to announce that the community has now been fully launched. It is free to join and take part in the various forums. The forum register process is simple and straight forward. You can start contributing to the forum as soon as you have registered and logged in. All you need is a valid email address because you will be sent a confirmation email when you register. The registration email will contain a simple link for you to click on which will activate your account. You won't be able to add new posts to the forum until your account is activated. Forum login is also easy. Our forum is powered by the popular phpBB3 forum software.

Breast Enlargement Forums

The breast enlargement forum has 3 sub forums:

  • The breast augmentation questions forum allows users to ask questions to other members for the community and also to seek help.

  • If you want to read about the breast enlargement story of other patients, or write about your own experience, then there's a forum for that.

  • Or you want to just simply chat online to others who are considering a procedure or those who have had one, then there's a general breast enlargement forum for that too!

UK Clinic Reviews & Cosmetic Surgeon Reviews

Cosmetic surgery clinic reviews are extremely useful if you are considering cosmetic surgery. If you are looking to choose a clinic or a particular surgeon, then it's a good idea to seek feedback from patients to see what they felt about the clinic and the surgeon who carried out their procedure. As a member of the community, we encourage you to write your own review once you have had a consultation or a procedure carried out at a clinic. Harley Street Plastic Surgery, Rubicon Medical, Nu Cosmetic Clinic, The Hospital Group, Mills &Mills, Transform, Redrose, The Cosmetic Clinic, WhyGoAbroad, The Harley Medical Group, Make Yourself Amazing, MyBreast, Spire Healthcare and more.

Plastic Surgery Forums

As well as breast enlargement, has other forums available:

  • A body cosmetic surgery forum for liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and arms, legs, thighs etc.

  • There's a face plastic surgery forum for rhinoplasty (nose), rhytidectomy (face & neck lift), brow lift etc.

  • Finally, our cosmetic surgery forum for men covers procedures for men such as reduction for gynocomastia (man boobs or moobs).

  • Price savings, haggling and discounts aims to bring you high quality, reputable cosmetic surgery at the best prices. We have a forum for members of our community to share their successful price haggles with the best UK clinics.

    So, if you have negotiated even better discounts on your cosmetic surgery then please share this with our community using our cosmetic surgery forum. Our message is to shout out and help our members to save money too!
    Add a forum post about your savings.