Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Risk versus Cost

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Risk versus Cost

At the end of the day, the decision to go abroad for your cosmetic surgery is, for most people, a balance of cost versus risk.

We will not try and persuade you in any way as to your decision to go abroad or not for cosmetic surgery. We will just present you with the things that you need to consider so that you can make your own informed decision.

Risks Of Overseas Cosmetic Surgery

The NHS Choices website explains the key risks of cosmetic surgery abroad and is an excellent source of information.

Of course, all the cosmetic surgery risks that apply in the UK also apply overseas. However, it is often the practicalities of getting problems diagnosed and treated early to minimise their impact that are underestimated. For example, if you have some concerns that scars are not healing as they should, or that one of your breasts feels quite firm what do you do? In the UK, obviously you would phone the surgery and make an urgent appointment to see the surgeon or medical staff. However, if you have to travel overseas, for this, then you may be tempted to leave it longer. Perhaps you would see your GP who would then refer your. The process would take longer and the problem may be exacerbated because of this. Don't under estimate the hindrance of language and distance.

Some Costs To Consider For Overseas Cosmetic Surgery

Once you have obtained a price from your chosen clinic abroad, you will need to add to this cost (at least):

  • Travel Costs
    Flights, taxis etc.

  • Accommodation Costs
    How many overnight stays you are likely to need and how much hotels or B&B's cost near the surgery.

  • Food Costs
    Meals etc.

  • Specialist Medical Insurance
    Standard travel insurance won't do!

  • Travelling Companion
    Will you be travelling alone or taking someone along with you for moral support? If so will that person be funding their own trip?

  • Additional Time Off Work
    There may be a cost or a loss of earnings to consider here due to additional travelling time needed to go abroad. This will depend upon your own personal circumstances.

Cosmetic Surgery Holidays Or Medical Tourism

More and more people are choosing to combine their cosmetic surgery overseas with their vacation holidays. Using this approach, they can effectively transfer the many of the above costs to their holiday budget. If you have chosen an interesting destination for your overseas surgery, then why not take your holidays there too!