Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Overseas Clinics

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Overseas Clinics

What Questions Should I Ask Overseas Clinics?

The NHS Choices website provides a list of key questions for treatment abroad which you can ask your shortlisted overseas clinics.

If you are going overseas for breast augmentation, then you can also use our UK breast enlargement consultation questions.

You should ensure that you are able to communicate effectively with the medical staff so that you can seek clear answers to your questions and concerns. You may need a translator.

Ensure that you obtain satisfactory answers from the clinic and the medical staff there. Obviously, if you do not then you should seriously consider an alternative clinic, either abroad or in the UK.

Medical Insurance

Your standard travel insurance will not cover you if you have gone overseas for medical treatment.

You should also check that the clinic has appropriate insurance which covers your procedure and covers the fact that you are a non-resident of that country.

What Else Should I Know?

The Healthcare Commission regulates private cosmetic surgery clinics in England but it is not responsible for regulating clinics abroad. Not all countries will have the same strict regulations as in the UK.

How Else Can I Find Out About Overseas Clinics?

If you know someone or can speak to someone who you can trust, who has used a particular clinic abroad then this may help you choose. However, if that person had no complications then you will not get an idea as to how good the aftercare service is.

There are many cosmetic surgery abroad forums. You will be able to ask questions and get feedback, help and tips from others. You may also be able to get feedback on your chosen clinic and surgeon. However, be aware that some overseas clinics will also post to these forums and you cannot necessarily trust what is written.