Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Aftercare

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Aftercare

Nearly all the UK cosmetic surgery clinics offer an excellent aftercare service where you can make an appointment, at no extra cost, to see the surgeon who operated on you. Typically aftercare in the UK will include implant replacement for conditions such as capsular contracture, again at no additional cost.

Aftercare Overseas

Aftercare is one area of going abroad that you seriously need to consider and research thoroughly with your chosen clinic. Follow up appointments with the surgeon are an important part of the treatment. In the UK, these follow up appointments take place for up to several weeks after surgery in order to check that all is progressing well and identify any corrective action if necessary. Where will these follow up consultations take place?

If all goes swimmingly well, you won't need to call upon the aftercare service apart from check ups. But what happens if there are complications with your cosmetic surgery? Will you be able to jump back on a plane to visit the clinic again? There's the additional cost of travel and time off work to consider. The NHS would certainly treat you if you had an infection for example, however, the NHS would not replace your implants if they had to be removed. They would just take them out. You would then be in a difficult position with your overseas surgery with regards to getting replacements. This is where the cost versus risk factor really matters. If you do decide to go abroad, please thoroughly research their aftercare service in detail and compare it against some of the well established UK cosmetic surgeries.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you are planning to go to Europe for your overseas surgery, then you'd be daft not to get an European Health Insurance Card EHIC. It is free. However, you should be aware that this does NOT cover you for private medical healthcare abroad.

Apply for your EHIC.

Holiday Travel Insurance

Ordinary travel or holiday insurance will not cover you for medical treatment abroad is you have gone overseas for medical treatment. It is well worth considering specialist insurance for medical tourism or cosmetic surgery abroad. You should speak to an insurance advisor. Remember to build this into your overall costs.