Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Getting Advice

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Getting Advice

If you are considering overseas cosmetic surgery, then it is essential that you get sound advice from qualified individuals and gather as much information as you can beforehand.

Your General Practitioner/Doctor

Your GP is often a good start. Get professional advice. Although it is unlikely that your GP will have had cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery experience, they will be able to give you advice and also be able to point you in the right direction for further advice from qualified, medical sources; for example the Department Of Health and the NHS.

Government Department Of Health

The Government Department Of Health (DOH) website offers various advice and brochures that you can download on cosmetic surgery. Many of these relate to cosmetic surgery in general, not just surgery overseas, however, they are completely relevant and will get you to consider many aspects of what you need to consider and plan for.

NHS Choices

The NHS Choices website is an excellent source of information. The NHS have invested heavily in this website in order to provide you with lots of up to date and relevant health related topics. This includes a section on cosmetic surgery in general but also, more specifically, a section on cosmetic surgery abroad.

British Association Of Plastic Reconstructive And Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)

Another very useful website and resource. It provides advice on cosmetic surgery abroad.

The General Medical Council (GMC)

One of the key areas for you to research is your overseas surgeon. Once you have found out who this person will be, it is essential that you find out in detail about the credentials, qualifications and the quality of your surgeon's work. The GMC provide a list of registered medical practitioners so you can check out your surgeon's qualifications. This resource also allows you to contact The GMC for further information. Please ensure that your surgeon is appropriately qualified and experienced in cosmetic surgery and in your chosen procedure.

N.B. Ensure that the overseas clinic do not, for whatever reason, try to change your surgeon at short notice without giving you an opportunity to meet and research the new surgeon first.

Others Who Have Had Surgery Overseas

Do you know anyone who has had cosmetic surgery overseas? A friend of friend for example. It is worth asking around to see if you can speak to someone who has been through the experience. Remember that their experience will almost certainly be different to yours, good or bad. The key thing is to ask about is what to be aware of and any tips, help and advice they can give.

Cosmetic Surgery Forums

There are many cosmetic surgery abroad forums. You will be able to ask questions and get feedback, help and tips from others. You may also be able to get feedback on your chosen clinic and surgeon. However, be aware that some overseas clinics will also post to these forums and you cannot necessarily trust what is written.