Why I had a boob job

Why I had a boob job

I'd had two children within a few years of each other. While I was pregnant, on both occasions, my breasts got really large and then went back to a much smaller size after giving birth. I had breastfed with my second child but not my first.

I didn't feel happy with myself and I didn't feel feminine because my boobs had gone smaller. This made me very self conscious but worst of all, it often made me feel depressed. I thought for many years about having breast enlargement surgery but I was frightened of going ahead because there wasn't much information easily available back then. There internet wasn't what it is now so the kind of information such as the risks of breast enlargement and what the procedure involved just wasn't easily available. Not without talking directly to a specialist surgeon. Eventually, in my late 20's, I saw a consultant who told me about a few of the risks and what the operation entailed. This put my mind at ease. I then went ahead with the surgery and had my breast augmentation.

They took before and after pictures. When I first woke up, I was shocked because of the size of my breast implants but I didn't realise that this was due to the swelling. After a week, this had settled down and I was really happy with the results. My breasts looked very natural and there was hardly any visible scarring. I had silicone, textured implants but I can't remember what size. Textured implants, which were relatively new then, are believed to reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

I did suffer from some discomfort after the operation but it wasn't too bad and I was treated with pain killers. After the operation, I stayed in hospital for a few days because they inserted drains so that there would be no fluid build up. That seemed to be standard procedure then but I don't think that they do this any more because the risk of fluid build up is much less today.

The incisions to insert the implants were made under my breasts. I was really pleased with how they healed up and after a few months, the breast surgery scars were hardly noticeable, even by touch. I was back to work within a few days of coming out of hospital and I was back at the gym after six weeks but I took it steady to start with.