Breast Enlargement Consultation Checklist

Breast Enlargement Consultation Checklist

Before your consultation, I recommend that produce a list of questions to ask, print it out and take it with you.

The Government Department Of Health (DOH) provide information on cosmetic surgery and they also provide a checklist of questions for you to ask at your consultation. In addition to the questions listed on the DOH site, I suggest that you also ask the questions below:

  • Breast Implant Options

    • Tell me about type of implants that will you will be using for me (saline or silicone breast implants)?
    • What size and profile implants would you recommend for me and what will I look like with these?
    • What shape implants (round, anatomical) will you use? If round, ask if they do anatomicals and ask why round would be better.
    • Are the implants smooth or textured? If smooth, ask why not textured.
    • Where would you make the incision for the implants? Why?
    • Would the implants go under or over the muscle (breast implant placement)? Why?

  • Recovery

    • How long will I need off work?
    • For how long am I required to stay at the hospital?
    • When will I get to see the surgeon after the operation?
    • After I have left the hospital, when will I have follow up/check up appointments?
    • Will you provide me with a sports bra or support bra for afterwards? If not what type and size of bra should I get?
    • For how long will I need to wear the support bra?

  • Aftercare

    • What does the surgery aftercare consist of?
    • How long does the aftercare period last for?
    • Under what circumstances will you replace my implants free of charge?
    • How long does this replacement period last for?

  • Breastfeeding

You might want to also consider asking some of these depending upon your personal circumstances:

  • Should I wait?

    • I am on a diet so should I wait until I have lost weight before getting implants?
    • I am pregnant (or planning to have a child in the near future) so should I wait until after giving birth before getting implants?

  • More On Recovery

    • How long after surgery will I be able to drive again?
    • How long will it be before I am able to return to the gym (running, swimming, anything active etc.)?
    • Will I be given painkillers to take home? If not what type should I buy?
    • Is there anything which I can do to help reduce any scarring?
    • Will I need to come back for stitches being removed? If so, when?

  • General Questions

    • What do I need to bring with me on the day of the operation?
    • Will my implants look and feel like natural breasts?
    • Can implants make sagging breasts look lifted and normal again?
    • Will my implants sag with time?
    • Ask them to show you some before and after pictures of their work on other patients.

And finally, you will have questions of your own to add. These should include any particular concerns and fears which you might have.