At The Consultation

At The Consultation

Having remembered to take your consultation checklist and a pen and paper with you, the medical team at the clinic will discuss your own personal needs.

At your consultation, you should expect to meet the surgeon and not just the medical staff.

The consultation is your chance to find out as much as possible about the clinic, the company and the surgeon. Their experience and qualifications. It is important that you communicate what you would like to achieve with your breast implants size and shape. i.e. your own personal vision of how you would like to look.

The consultation should cover the following which are in no particular order:

Your Medical History

One of the medical staff will ask you about your medical history at the consultation. They will ask you questions about your health, whether you suffer from any medical conditions or allergies, have any history of illnesses and previous surgery and admissions to hospital. You will also be asked about the health of family members. They will also ask if you are currently taking any medication. It is in your own best interest that you be completely honest, otherwise you may be putting yourself in danger.

Medical Examination

During the medical examination, the surgeon and a nurse will examine your breasts. Many people may not feel entirely comfortable with the examination. If this is the case, tell the surgeon and the nurse and they will use their patient skills to put you at ease, even if it is something like being ticklish or shy. The surgeon will assess the position of your nipples and the crease under each breast. They will also assess the symmetry of your breasts and nipples; size shape and position. The examination may involve a light prodding and poking of your breasts so be prepared. The surgeon will also be testing the elasticity of you skin.

As with most medical examinations, your blood pressure and pulse will be measured and your heartbeat listened to.

Discussion of Your Personal Goals: Size, Shape and Implant Options

You should refer to your checklist of questions (above) regarding the implants. However, this is the opportunity for you to communicate what you want to achieve including breast implant size, shape, cleavage, etc.

In order to portray your goals, you may want to bring with you photographs of how you would want to look. You could also bring along a bra and rice bags which you have used for the rice test to demonstrate.

Your Questions checklists

Cover off any of the questions on your checklists that have not yet been answered. Ask again if you are unsure. Undoubtedly, you will also have thought of some more to ask from being there and observing.

Review Their Work

Ask to see the surgeon's work. They should have a portfolio of before and after breast augmentation photos.

It might also be possible for you to be able to talk to one of the surgeon's patients if you are interested. Just ask the surgeon or medical staff.

Discussion on Price, Loans, Costs & Finance

Explore their finance options and packages. Several clinics offer interest free credit loans. If the credit is not interest free, ensure that the rate is competitive. Visit our cosmetic surgery loans section for help and suggestions.

You will also want to discuss price. My advice here is to haggle. There are many cosmetic surgery clinics and they will all want your business. Compare their breast enlargement prices and use it as input for your discussion. Don't be afraid to let them know you are considering alternative clinics.

The End Of The Consultation

At the end of the consultation do not feel pressured into making a decision or committing yourself. You are under no obligation.

Making a Decision on Which Cosmetic Surgery Clinic to Choose

Once you have had consultations from the clinics on your shortlist, take some time to weigh up all your findings:

  • Your experience of the consultations.

  • Answers to your questions.

  • Your own research findings.

  • Price, aftercare and the overall service offered.

  • Your own gut feelings about the clinic, medical staff and surgeon.

Then the decision is down to you!