Breast Enlargement Consultation

Booking Your Breast Enlargement Pre-op Consultation

Breast Enlargement Consultation Guide Before you book a consultation with one of the clinics, it is well worth doing your own research and fact finding beforehand. Use our comprehensive set of guides on breast enlargement. They will enable you to go into the consultation well informed on what your options are and what your preferences might be. Get more out of your clinic consultation. How to go about identifying clinics and short listing them.


Breast Enlargement Consultation Checklist

Breast Enlargement Consultation Guide In this guide, we provide you with a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask and things to find out about the cosmetic surgery clinics on your shortlist. The checklist takes the Government Department Of Health (DOH) checklist and builds upon it with some additional items. Includes, implant and surgery options, recovery and time off work, discussion of risks and breastfeeding, implant size etc.


At The Consultation

Breast Enlargement Consultation Guide We explain what the consultation involves, what you should expect and how you can get the most out of it. Your medical history will be discussed and you will be given a medical examination. We also provide tips on how to weigh up your findings to make your own informed decision as to which cosmetic surgery clinic and surgeon to choose.