Booking Your Breast Enlargement Pre-op Consultation

Booking Your Breast Enlargement Pre-op Consultation

Do your research

Before you book a consultation with one of the cosmetic surgery clinics, it is well worth doing your own research beforehand. Use our comprehensive set of guides on breast augmentation. They will enable you to go into the consultation well informed on what your options are and what you want to get out of it.

I would also suggest that you compare prices of UK breast enlargement surgeries and other clinic details beforehand. This will also inform you of what the consultation costs are; most of them are free.

Book your consultations

Once you have done your research, compared clinics and identified your shortlist, you will be in a position to book your consultation. You can carry out your booking online by clicking on the appropriate button on our compare clinics page. The price you pay will be exactly the same as going direct to the clinic. We charge you no fee or commission. See about us. Clicking on the button will open up the clinic's web site where you can book a consultation online.

It is worth booking 2 or 3 consultations at different clinics, the ones on your shortlist. Don't just go off the price. By seeing different clinics, you will be able to compare them to see which ones best fit your own personal criteria and give you the best overall impression.