Choosing A Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgeon

Choosing A Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgeon

The overall breast enlargement prices charged will be an important factor in helping you decide which of the cosmetic surgery clinics to choose. However, your confidence in the skills of the plastic surgeon will also be a key factor.

In almost all cases, UK based plastic surgeons have the necessary professional qualifications, the relevant experience and and are very competent. However, cosmetic surgery in the UK is not tightly regulated, in particular areas of weakness are testing of drugs, procedures and implants. Although a bad hair cut can cause some grief, your hair will soon grow back and will live to enjoy a better cut next time. Unfortunately, not the same is true for cosmetic surgery gone wrong. A bad breast augmentation may be painful and costly correct and you may be left with permanent damage such as breast surgery scars. Naturally, you will want to have confidence in the skills, experience and qualifications of the surgeon who will operate on you.

There are several things you can do to help you gain confidence in the skills of your plastic surgeon; or help you reject them:

British Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) Register

The BAAPS maintains a register of qualified plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons must have appropriate medical qualifications and certain standards and criteria must be met in order for them to appear on the BAAPS register. Audits on the registered plastic surgeons are also conducted. Plastic surgeons do not need to register with BAAPS in order to practice in the UK. However, as with any professional qualification, it is recognised as an industry best practice to be registered with BAAPS. If your chosen surgeon is BAAPS registered, then this should give you a good degree of confidence that they are well qualified, skilled and competent. Check the BAAPS register of qualified plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic Surgery & Breast Augmentation Forums

Breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery forums can be a good way to talk to others who may have used a particular plastic surgeon. You may be able to get their feedback on how they perceived the surgeon. Some may be willing to share before and after photos of their results with you.

Some of the main cosmetic surgery clinics i.e. the big brand market leaders, do not always have surgeons who are BAAPS registered. However, they are often very experienced and are highly recommended. Again, you can use forums to check out the views of others who have used the plastic surgeon. Also, the big brand cosmetic surgery clinics need to maintain their reputation by ensuring that their plastic surgeons are of a high standard.

Your Consultation With A Plastic Surgeon

We recommend that you book 2 or 3 breast enlargement consultations at different clinics. Use the consultation as way of helping you choose both the clinic and the plastic surgeon. See our breast enlargement surgery consultation guide for further information.

Sometimes the consultation is with a member of the medical staff but you should always insist on seeing the surgeon. Request this at the time of booking the consultation. Remember that the surgeon's time is expensive so they may not be present for the whole time at the consultation. The medical staff will be able to answer your general questions. See our breast enlargement clinic consultation guide for more details.

  • Ask to see the surgeon's work. They should have a portfolio of breast augmentation before and after photos. It might also be possible for you to be able to talk to one of the surgeon's patients if you are interested. Just ask the surgeon or medical staff.
  • Ask if the surgeon is BAAPS registered and write down the details so that you can check later.
  • Find out how many breast augmentation procedures the surgeon does a year.
  • Ask how many years experience they have had in breast augmentation surgery and who they have worked for previously.

Don't just settle for the plastic surgeon being a nice person; you won't be conscious while being operated on!