Recovery & The Short Term Effects Of Breast Enlargement Surgery

Recovery & The Short Term Effects Of Breast Enlargement Surgery

There are several short term effects that you should be aware of following your breast enlargement operation. The effects of these will gradually reduce over time in normal cases. In most cases, you will be well enough to return to work around a week after surgery and get back to the gym, with moderate exercise, after 3 to 4 weeks. However, this will depend upon the speed of your recovery.

It is extremely important that you wear the right type and fit of bra after surgery for several weeks. Read our guide on sports bras to help you.

Bruising, swelling and discomfort

When you wake from the anaesthesia, you may feel nausea and fatigue. This is quite normal following a general anaesthetic.

You almost certainly have swelling at first. Your breasts will feel very firm with moderate to severe discomfort. This is quite the normal feeling and it is to be expected. You are likely to suffer from bruising and pains. You may also feel some discomfort around where the incisions were made to insert your implants. Some women experience a burning sensation in the nipples but this calms down over a few days. Medication and painkillers can be prescribed to ease any discomfort. The bruising typically starts to fade within two weeks of surgery. The swelling will typically take around a month or so to go down.

Wound Discharge

There may be some slight wound discharge from the incision made under each breast to insert the implants.

Breast Shape

At first, your breasts will feel very firm, swollen and high up on your chest. They will not feel natural to touch or feel to be in either a natural position or shape. This is normal and to be expected.

After the swelling has gone down at around a month after surgery, your breasts will start to take on a more natural position and shape and also feel more natural. This process will continue until around eight weeks after surgery. However, it can take up to several months for your breasts to feel more natural and to settle down to a more natural shape. It will vary with different individuals.

Breast & Nipple Sensation

You may experience a difference in breast sensation which is quite common; similarly, the nipple sensation may be affected. Most of the sensation changes in the breast and nipples are just temporary, however, some changes are permanent.

If you exhibit any symptoms that cannot be explained or acute swelling, bruising or pain, severe loss of sensation, heat in the breast area, excessive or unpleasant wound discharge, then you should contact your clinic or GP immediately.