Would I be suitable for breast enlargement surgery?

Would I be suitable for breast enlargement surgery?
Women have are many different reasons for breast enlargement. It goes without saying that this will depend upon your own personal circumstances and your own feelings. But not all women who want breast augmentations are actually suitable. Certain suitability criteria must be met before surgeons will operate.


Age is one of the most important factors. You need to be at least 18 years old.

In exceptional circumstances, women younger than 18 years of age have had breast enlargements. However, this is rare. Women younger than 18 are usually denied breast enlargement surgery because their breasts may not have fully developed and settled at that age.

Physical Health

You must in good physical health. You will be asked about your medical history at your pre-op breast enlargement consultation. Your medical records will be checked. You will be asked about your health, whether you suffer from any medical conditions or allergies, any illnesses, any previous admissions to hospital, if you are taking any medication and also asked about the health of family members. You must be completely honest otherwise you may be putting yourself in danger.

If you do have an adverse medical history, then you may still be eligible for breast enlargements. However, only a suitably qualified doctor will be able to determine this.

If you currently have an infection in your body you are unlikely to be eligible. In reality, this could mean that your augmentation surgery date may be delayed until after the infection has cleared.

Pregnant Women

It is extremely unlikely that you will be allowed to undergo breast enlargement surgery while you are pregnant. Childbirth and pregnancy does affect the breast tissue volume and shape and many women find that their breasts do not return to their former appearance. It is one of the more common reasons why women choose to have a breast enlargement. So if you are pregnant or are planning pregnancy, then it is probably best to wait until after childbirth.

If you have concerns over being able to successfully breastfeed following surgery, read our breastfeeding with implants guide.

Mastectomy, disease and traumatic events

The loss of breast tissue or complete breast removal due to mastectomy, disease or a traumatic event (e.g. an accident) is one of the reasons why women choose breast enlargement. In some cases, any reconstructive surgery such as breast augmentation, may be performed at the same time as the mastectomy.