Extreme Breast Enlargement & Very Large Breast Implants

Extreme Breast Enlargement & Very Large Breast Implants

Maxi Mounds & Sheyla Hershey

The Guinness Book Of Records officially has listed, as the holder of the world's largest breast implants, Maxi Mounds. She claimed the record in 2005 with her 42J (UK size) bust. Each of her extreme breast implants weighed in at 9kg (20lbs). However, the record has been unofficially been broken since then but this is not listed in Guinness World Records.

Sheyla Hershey (pictured) has had over 30 breast augmentations. Most of these procedures have taken place in her home country of Brazil where there are no restrictions in place upon the size of implants. Her 38KKK breasts are filled with whopping 5,500cc saline implants.

In September 2010, Sheyla, had her KKK sized implants removed. She had been suffering with an infection following an operation to super size her breasts even further to a huge MMM cup.

More pictures of Sheyla Hershey

Worlds largest natural breasts

Norma Stitz; The World's Largest Natural Breasts

The current world record holder, according to Guinness World Records, for the largest natural breasts is Norma Stitz (pseudonym). Her real name is Annie Hawkins-Turner from the USA.

Norma's 43" chest measurement supports a whopping ZZZ bra size. Each breast is believed to weigh 4st (25Kg).

More pictures of Annie Hawkins-Turner

Chelsea Charms; The World's Largest Enlarged Breasts

Worlds largest breasts

Chelsea Charms is considered to be the current world record holder of the largest breasts at an oversized 164XXX (US size).

Chelsea's breasts are still getting bigger!. Believe it or not, they are increasing in size by around an inch per month. Until they were banned for causing medical problems, polypropylene implants were responsible for the appearance of women with extreme implants, bigger than any that had been seen before. They were legal up to around 10 years ago and one of the most famous ambassadors of these was Maxi Mounds (see above).

Polypropylene implants continue to cause an increase in breast size after they have been situated. This is because the polypropylene material causes irritation of the breast tissue, causing a seroma to build around the implant. Chelsea has polypropylene implants and this is why her breasts continue to get larger. More pictures of Chelsea Charms

Past & Present Trends

As breast enlargement prices started to fall and cosmetic surgery become widely available, large breast augmentation sizes were quite popular. Lolo Ferrari and Maxi Mounds shot to fame as they shocked the world with breast sizes that had never been seen before. The media frenzied around these women which drove public fascination from this novelty. Although some women today still choose extreme implants, the trend has been a move towards smaller breast enlargements, providing a more natural look.

Limiting Physical Factors

There are four main physical factors which determine just how big breasts (natural or with implants) can be and still appear to be normal:

  • Breast base circumference
    This is the circumference around the breast where it meets the wall of the chest.

  • Chest size
    This is the measurement of the chest circumference, directly under the breasts at the inframammary fold and across the back. This is similar to the bra band size measurement. As you'll already know, the breast volume of a 36C is larger than that of a 30C, even though the cup size is the same.

  • Your height
    Pretty obvious really; a taller woman can carry off a large breast size more easily than a shorter one with the same frame.

  • Body fat
    A larger lady can more easily hold a larger breast than a slimmer one without looking out of place. However, this is usually due to a larger chest size.

With extreme breast implants, the constraints of the above factors are ignored. Oversized, synthetic augmentation is used to exceed the limits of what would appear to be natural, on even the most accommodating of physical attributes.

More information is available on Cosmeticcompare.com regarding gentics and natural breast size.

How Big is Big?

As explained above, big for one person may not be big for another having less accommodating physical attributes. However, as a rough rule of guidance, very large< implants are considered to be 600cc and upwards and extreme implants are considered to be anything greater than 1000cc.

Although silicone implants are more popular, these larger implant sizes are usually achieved using saline implants. One of the options with saline implants is for them to be situated with a valve in place. This valve allows the implant volume to be increased or decreased at a later stage without requiring a surgical procedure. Saline solution is simply added or removed using the valve and the flexible outer shell of the implant allows it to expand as more saline is added.

Small volumes are usually added on each occasion to allow the breast skin to stretch gradually. More and more is added until the oversized result is achieved.

Polypropylene implants are also associated with the extreme size although they are banned now. As described above, breast sizes grow automatically with these implants.

Issues With Extreme Breast Implants

Very large breasts come at a physical cost to the body. Gravity acting upon the sheer mass of the implants are an obvious issue causing related back problems. However, in addition to this, there are increased surgical risks, practical issues and social issues.

Increased Surgical Risks

Standard breast augmentation carries several risks, however some of these risks are are more likely and more acute when large implants are used, in particular the following:

Size & Weight Related Issues

In addition to the increased risks above, the following issues and complications may arise as a result of the additional stress to the body of supporting very large implants:

  • Back & neck pain
  • Sagging breasts
  • Stretch marks in the skin around the implants
  • Stretched and baggy skin on the breasts

Practical Issues

  • Being easily noticed and drawn to as a centre of attention. Even though this may be partly desired, it can easily spin beyond acceptable levels and become overpowering. It may also draw undesired attention from certain individuals and personalities.
  • Difficulty with being able to buy clothes that fit; bras, tops, jackets and coats etc.
  • Ability to move freely without impairment.
  • Difficulty in exercising freely.
  • Ability to participate in physical sports is limited.