The Rice Test: Breast implant sizing estimate

The Rice Test: Breast implant sizing estimate

Determining what size and how big to go is often a dilemma facing many women considering breast enhancement. Of course you want to get it right for many reasons, the cost of further surgery down the line being one of them. You can get a rough idea at home by using the rice test which is described below. You should only use this as a rough guideline. It is more important that you take into account the advice of your surgeon during your breast enlargement surgery consultation.

As an alternative to rice you can use oats, sugar, seeds, cous cous etc. in fact any small, grain sized items. However, rice is preferred because it is of a similar density to implant material and so it will feel more like the real thing.

For the rice test, you will need the following:

  • Uncooked rice (or substitute)

  • A measuring jug

  • Some plastic food bags

  • A sports bra of your target bust size

You may want to experiment with one cup size above and one size below your target bust size. Your target bus size being the size you plan to be after your breast enhancement. We recommend that you do this but to avoid having to buy several bras that you probably won't use, you might want to give the rice test a try first, just with your target size. It is easy enough to try other sizes afterwards.

One cup size is around 190 cc (or 190 ml) on average. Fill the plastic food bags with a volume of dried rice which is the equivalent of half a breast cup size. However, you will recall that a breast cup size of a 32D is smaller that of a 38D. So if you have a large bra band measurement, you will need to use more rice. Using half cup sizes in each bag makes adjustment easier later on. Use the following table to determine how much rice to use in each bag. One cc is the same as one ml:

Bra band SizeRice Volume per Cup
30"80 cc
32"85 cc
34"90 cc
36"95 cc
38"100 cc
40"105 cc

Once you have tied or fastened the bags so that the rice will not spill out, put on your sports bra and insert the bags of rice into the bra cups. If you are planning on going one cup size larger with your boob job, then simply add two bags of rice into each bra cup; 4 bags in total. Now mould these into place to give a natural shape and fit inside the bra cup. The bra should fit properly as described above.

Get used to the feel of your new breast with the bags left in place. See how they feel for a day or so and see how you look in the mirror wearing your normal clothing over the top. As mentioned earlier, it is worth trying larger and smaller cup sizes to see how these look and feel.

Finally, please remember that this is a rough sizing guide only. As to what size breast enhancement is best for you depends upon your own personal body characteristics and the look that you want to achieve. This will be discussed during your consultation where the medical staff will provide their expert advice to help you decide.