Professional Bra Fitting

Professional Bra Fitting

Trying On Bras

Having correctly measured your bra size by determining your bra band size and cup size, now try on various bras with those measurements.

If the band size of the bra is correct, it should fit snugly around your chest on the tightest adjustment setting across the back. If this setting is a little tight (or too loose), then try a larger (or smaller) band size. Remember that the cup size of a 30C is actually smaller than that of a 32C, even though they are both "C" cups. So you may need to work around your cup size measurement a little.

Now try on one cup size below and one cup size above what you have measured. If the bra is too small, your bust will double cup. Double cupping, double busting or double bubble is where the top of the bra cup appears to be squeezed into the breast and some of the top of the breast bubbles out over the top of the cup. This is because the bra cup size is too small. This is a common problem and many women who wear the wrong bra size exhibit double bubble. If the bra fits correctly, there will be no double bubble and the cup will fit snugly against the surface of the breast. In between the breasts, against the chest bone (sternum), the bra should also fit snugly and should not float away from the surface of the body. Again, if this happens the bra cup size is too small.

From my own personal experience, I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years up until just before my breast enhancement surgery. I though that I was a 32C when in actual fact I was a 30DD! Naturally, I was more than pleasantly surprised!

When buying a new bra, you should allow for it stretching over time, particularly across the band measurement. So when you buy it, it should fit you with the straps adjusted near their slackest. When the bra stretches over time, you will then have room for being able to tighten up the straps.

Get Your Bra Size Measured Professionally For Free

In order to be sure of your bra size, I recommend that are fitted professionally. They use the method described above, in conjunction with experience and a professional eye. You can be measured professionally for free in several high street stores, some of the most popular ones are:

One important point to remember is that different bras from different manufacturers may differ in size. The same applies for different styles of bra, even from the same manufacturer. This is fairly standard across the clothing industry; jeans are a good example.

How To Tell A Good Fitting Bra & A Bad Fitting One!

Breast sizes and the British woman

It's official! British women have the largest average cup size of any country in the world.

Yorkshire women have the largest breasts with 35% of them enjoying a DD cup size or bigger. The smallest average breast size belongs to ladies from London where 20% need a DD cup size or larger.