Ideas To Help You Choose Your Breast Implant Size

Ideas To Help You Choose Your Breast Implant Size

You're excited and you can't wait now. You've decided to go ahead with breast enlargement surgery. So now there's some decisions to be made. One of your biggest decisions will be how big to go. What size breast implants are you going to choose? How are you going to make sure that you choose correctly? What will they look like?

The Dilemma

Most likely you will be concerned about making the mistake of choosing implants that make your breasts look too large and unnatural. Then again, if you choose implants that are too small, you would wish that you had chosen bigger and that may result in having to undergo surgery again with additional costs. It's a difficult decision, one which you will want to get right first time because of the obvious consequences.

Bra Sizes Or Breast Implant Volume Sizes?

A common problem to be aware of is that people often think in terms of bra size. However, most women do not wear bras that are the correct size. Often this can be down to personal taste, where some women wear a smaller bra size to emphasise their cleavage. Others may wear a larger bra size for comfort or to cover their breasts. In other words, two women, both wearing 34D bras may have quite different breast sizes. This is something to take into consideration when communicating with others who have already undergone breast augmentation or when just looking into breast sizes of others in general, for example celebrities.

Using breast implant volume e.g. 360 CC implants doesn't really help either as this can be difficult for most to relate to and the resulting breast size will depend upon how much natural breast tissue was present to begin with.

The Rice Test

One approach you can try at home to help you determine breast implant size is the rice test. This simple test will help you simulate how you might look and feel with breast implants after surgery and it won't cost much. By varying the volume of rice you use, it will give you an indication of what cup size and breast implant volume (size) may be suitable for you. An added advantage is that you can trial a size for however long you like to see how you feel with it in place after a day or so.

Before & After Breast Enlargement Simulation

There are some interactive image simulation programs on the internet. You can input your body shape and weight and try before and after scenarios using different breast sizes. Personally, I do not think these are much use. They are not images of you and they are only very rough approximations of your body shape and size. You can't touch and feel, which is an absolute must for me. A bit of fun though.

Before & After Photographs

Photographs are a good way to illustrate and communicate what you would like to achieve with your surgeon. It eliminates much of the uncertainty around subjective bra sizes. Take pictures of your bare breasts from the side and from the front. Bring these with you to your consultation for your discussion on breast size and shape with the plastic surgeon. You may also want to obtain pictures of what breast size and shape you would like to achieve. This can be done by searching for pictures of others on the internet or in magazines. Try to get a reasonable match for your own chest size and upper body shape. If you have tried the rice test, then you may want to take side and front view photographs; obviously you will have your bra in place here though.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Another approach is to look pictures of celebrities before and after breast enlargement. Although this can be fun and give some indication on size and shape, there are a number of reasons as to why this is not recommended as the only approach that you should use.

Talking To Others & Breast Enlargement Forums

You can discuss the issue of size with other women who are facing the same decision or who have already undergone breast enlargement surgery. There are several cosmetic surgery forums on the internet where you can do this. These can be useful to help you gain confidence about your ideas or just to talk to others in a similar situation or for sharing experiences.

Discussion Of Breast Implant Size With Your Plastic Surgeon

At the end of the day, the breast implant size that will best suit you will be a combination of what will suit your physical attributes and your personal taste. The size of your chest, your natural breast tissue, your skin and age are all factors. Your plastic surgeon will be the most qualified and experienced person to assess what breast size will suit your physical attributes. The most important aspect of deciding upon size will be in your discussion with your plastic surgeon at your breast enlargement surgery consultation.