What Size Breast Implants Can I Get?

What Size Breast Implants Can I Get?

You have decided that you would like bigger breasts and you have opted for breast enlargement surgery. So the brakes are off and you're going downhill with a tail wind. So how big can you go with breast implants and what are the factors that limit this?

In the 1980s and 1990s, large breast implants were quite popular. However, the trend in recent times has moved towards smaller breast implants where the result is a more natural breast contour. This is particularly the case for women who are over 30 where, in many cases, they have turned to breast enlargement surgery in order to restore natural breast tissue lost as a result of ageing or childbirth.

The size of breast implants that will suit you will be determined by your personal physical attributes and your personal preferences.

Breast Base Diameter

Most plastic surgeons agree that the main factor is the base diameter at the chest. Women with a wider and taller frame will be able to support larger breast implants than those with a short, thin frame. There is more to this than just how the breasts will look. If the breast implants are too big for your body frame, then this can lead to back and neck pain due to the extra weight of the implants.

Your Skin and Its Elasticity

Your skin and its elasticity will limit the size of implant that can be accommodated under it. If there is little skin to work with or if it has little elasticity, then placing too big an implant will damage the skin and stretch it. The skin on the bust can then look unattractive and can cause problems with how the implants are positioned. The problem with stretched skin will be exacerbated when the large implants are eventually removed.

Your Natural Breast Tissue

The amount of natural breast tissue will also limit the breast implant size. With subglandular breast implant placement, the natural breast tissue and skin hold the implant in place. For women with little natural breast tissue then a submuscular implant placement is typically used. In this case, the chest muscles hold the implants in place. However, with either placement type, the amount of natural breast tissue or muscle available will limit the size of breast implants that can be used. Using too large an implant will result in issues such as breast implant extrusion, ridges, rippling and bottoming out. The breasts will not look natural.

Your Age, Weight & Health

Your age, weight and physical health are also factors, however these mainly determine the amount of natural breast tissue available and the attributes of your skin such as its elasticity.

Personal Preferences & Taste

In addition to personal physical attributes, there is the matter of personal taste and preference. A breast size which may seem large to one person, may be perceived as being too small to another. Your plastic surgeon will advise you of what the physical limits are for the breast implant size for your body frame. If your personal preference is to push these boundaries or extend beyond these limits, then you need to be very careful and sure about what you are doing and the increased risks associated with your choice.