Breast Implant Shape, Texture and Profile

Breast Implant Shape, Texture and Profile

Breast Implant Shapes

Implants are either round or contoured.

Contoured implants are also known as anatomical or teardrop shaped implants. They are intended to reflect a more natural shape than round implants but this will depend upon your existing breast tissue and how much bigger you intend to go. There is a very small risk of anatomical implants inverting or moving within the body and this would result in an uneven breast shape. This risk does not exist with round implants as if they do move, then the breast will remain the same shape.

Contoured implants are generally more expensive than round ones.

Breast Implant Textures

Both saline and silicone implants contain an outer silicone elastomer shell. This can have either a textured surface or a smooth one.

One of the main reasons for introducing textured implants is that they are believed to reduce the risk of capsular contracture. This is where the body has a natural defense response to any foreign body by forming a fibrous capsule around it. In the majority of breast implants, the capsule remains soft. However, in some rare cases, there is a risk that a hard capsule is formed. This will result in a unnatural look and feel. It may also result in discomfort and pain.

Textured implants are usually slightly thicker than smooth implants because of their uneven surface. It is thought that smooth implants are also slightly stronger because there are no apparent weak points on the even surface.

Breast Implant Profiles

The breast implant profile describes the thickness or projection of the implant. There are 3 basic profiles: high, medium and low.

A high profile implant is thicker and has a smaller diameter than a low profile implant of the same volume. If you imagine the implants to be in place and you look at them from the side on, a high profile implant will project out more than a low profile implant of the same volume. Viewed from the front, the low profile implant will appear fuller (wider) than the high profile implant. Your choice of breast implant profile depends upon the look that you want to achieve.

One other factor to take into account when considering profile is the shape of the implant. Anatomical breast implants have a higher profile at the bottom than they do at the top. The intention is to create a more natural shape.