Breast Firming Exercises: Training Tips

Breast Firming Exercises: Training Tips

How Will Breast Firming Exercises Increase My Breast Size?

Resistance machines and free weights will firm, tone and build the muscle tissue in your breasts. Seek advice from a gym instructor on chest exercises with resistance machines and/or free weights.

Within a few months of a sustained and well planned breast exercise routine, the main benefit that you will receive will be to increase the tone of the muscles in your breast area. This will firm up your breasts with the effect of making them more pert and improving their overall shape. Longer term, the muscles in your breasts will increase in size and provide an overall increase in your natural breast tissue. You may also experience an increase in blood supply to your breasts and some growth in breast size from this. However, in reality the gain in muscle mass is likely to be small and not particularly noticeable. The main benefit is in the breast shape which is itself a very important factor in appearance of your breasts.

Some Basics Of Muscle Toning & Building

When you exercise a muscle group in your body with weights or resistance you are not building muscle! What you are actually doing is breaking down the muscle fibers (catabolic state). When your body is resting and if it has received appropriate nutrition, in particular protein and complex carbohydrates, then the broken down muscle fibers will begin to repair and rebuild (anabolic state). It is this natural anabolic state in which your muscles will build and increase in size. So an appropriate rest period after training is critical and over training is to be avoided as your muscles will not benefit. Over training will result in your muscles not benefiting from growth from the anabolic state. As a general rule, you should allow at least 48 hours between training sessions on your chest muscles. Note that this does not mean you cannot train on successive days, it just means do not train the same muscle group on successive days.

Muscles will only grow if your body receives the appropriate nutrition, in particular, complex carbohydrates and plenty of protein.

Vary your exercises. Don't allow your body to get used to a routine. Try also varying your weights and repetitions. So for two weeks you may do your exercises using relatively low weights and high repetitions (around 20 per set) and then for the next two weeks, do the same exercises using heavier weights and fewer repetitions (around 8 per set).

I Don't Want To Get Big Muscles

Don't worry about this. Building a lot of muscle takes a long time of hard training and taking lots of protein and other supplements.

How Often Should I Do My Breast Firming Exercises?

As a maximum, perform your breast firming exercises every other day. A good programme would involve performing the exercises 2 or 3 times a week which you can fit into your existing gym or exercise programme.

How Long Should The Exercise Take?

On each day that you perform your breast firming exercises, pick 3 different exercises to do. For each exercise, perform 4 sets of that exercise. In each set, you would do around 20 repetitions (or around 8 repetitions if you were working in the heavy weeks of your programme).

Allow 1 to 2 minutes rest between each set.

If you are beginning on a chest firming exercise programme, gradually build up the amount and frequency of exercise to that stated above over a few weeks. Also increase the intensity of your training as you progress by using increasing weight as your muscles get stronger. Don't exceed the amount of training stated above or you will be in danger of over training and the benefits will be reduced.