Breast Firming Exercises: Dumbbell Pull Overs (Pullovers)

Breast Firming Exercises: Dumbbell Pull Overs (Pullovers)

How To Do Dumbbell Pull Overs

One of the best exercises for toning your breasts and firming your chest muscles. Lie horizontally on your back on a flat bench. Keep your feet on the floor. Position yourself so that the very top of your neck is at the top edge of the bench; your head will overhang the bench. You only need one dumbbell for this breast firming exercises. Grip the dumbbell with both hands. With your arms bent at the elbows, hold the dumbbell 2 inches above your chest. This is the starting position. Note that the video shows the starting position with the dumbbell held fully above the chest rather than just 2 inches above it. Keeping the dumbbell close to your chest is better as the exercise benefits your chest muscles more.

Now move the dumbbell up and over you chest and head and lower it down over the back of your head. Keep your body flat on the bench and try not arch your back too much although there will be some arching because of the movement.

Bring the dumbbell back to the starting position, remembering to keep the dumbbell close to your chest rather than with your arms outstretched above it.

Movement from the starting position at your chest to over your head and then back to the starting position counts as one rep (repetition).

How many sets and reps should I do? How often should I do my exercises?

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Typical Dumbbell Dumbbell Pull Over Variations

  • EZ Bar
    Use an EZ bar instead of dumbbells.