Breast Firming Exercises: Pec Deck

Breast Firming Exercises: Pec Deck

How To Use The Pec Deck

A resistance machine exercise for toning your breasts and firming your chest muscles; it works similar muscles to the dumbbell chest fly. Sit on the seat of the pec deck facing away from it. Adjust the seat height so that your elbows are level with your nipples. Select the appropriate weight or resistance. Place your forearms on the pads or grip the hand grips, depending upon the type of pec deck you are using. This is this starting position for this breast firming exercise.

Squeeze, using your chest muscles, to pull your elbows together in front of you. Reverse the action and gently control the weight to return to the starting position. This counts as one rep (repetition).

How many sets and reps should I do? How often should I do my exercises?

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