Breast Firming Exercises: Chest Press

Breast Firming Exercises: Chest Press

How To Do The Chest Press

This is a great exercise for toning your breasts and firming your chest muscles. Lie horizontally on your back on a flat bench. With one dumbbell in each hand, the starting position is to hold your arms vertically upwards so that they are above your chest, shoulder width apart. Your arms should be slightly bent at the elbows. The palms of your hands should be facing your feet whilst gripping the dumbbells.

Lower the dumbbells downwards and slightly outwards so that your elbows come down by your sides. Keep your forearms vertical throughout the movement, this will make you naturally move outwards slightly and help with balance of the weight. Keep you palms facing towards your feet throughout the exercise. The video shows a slight variation on this breast firming exercise (there are many!). Don't allow the dumbbells to bounce on your chest or shoulders. If you imagine that you were holding a bar in both hands rather than dumbbells, the the ideal position when fully lowered is in line with the nipples but with the bar 2 inches above them.

Movement from the starting position at the top, down to the sides and then back to the starting position counts as one rep (repetition).

How many sets and reps should I do? How often should I do my exercises?

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Typical Chest Press Variations

  • Inclined Bench
    Use an incline of around 30% from the horizontal. This works the upper chest muscles more.

  • Declined Bench
    This works the lower chest muscles more.

  • Fit ball
    Lie on your back on a fit ball rather than on a bench. This will work other muscles in your body e.g. abdominals, as you work to balance during the exercise.

  • Barbell
    Use a barbell instead of dumbbells. This is very similar. Using a narrow grip on the barbell will work harder the muscles of the chest near to the sternum.