Breast Firming Exercises: Dumbbell Chest Fly (Flies)

Breast Firming Exercises: Dumbbell Chest Fly (Flies)

How To Do The Dumbbell Chest Fly

This exercise is for toning your breasts and firming your outer chest muscles in particular. Use the same starting position as for chest press but with the palms of your hands facing each other whilst gripping the dumbbells. The video shows a variation on this breast firming exercise in that an inclined bench position is used rather then flat.

Slowly lower the dumbbells outwards and downwards until they are at the same height as your chest. Your arms will be stretched outwards from your body. Do not move your arms at the elbows throughout the movement; they should be kept slightly bent throughout the exercise. Try to imagine that you are moving the dumbbells partway along the edge of a circle.

Now reverse the motion so that you use your chest muscles to push the dumbbells upwards and inwards back to the starting position. Again, imagine that you are moving them partway along the edge of a circle, keeping your elbows slightly bent and fixed throughout the exercise. Do not allow the dumbbells to touch at the top in the starting position; they should be kept 2 or 3 inches apart.

Movement from the starting position at the top, down to the sides and then back to the starting position counts as one rep (repetition).

How many sets and reps should I do? How often should I do my exercises?

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Typical Dumbbell Chest Fly Variations

  • Inclined Bench
    Use an incline of around 30% from the horizontal. This works the upper chest muscles more.

  • Declined Bench
    This works the lower chest muscles more.

  • Fit ball
    Lie on your back on a fit ball rather than on a bench. This will work other muscles in your body e.g. abdominals, as you work to balance during the exercise.