Natural Breast Size, Genetics & Big Breasts

Natural Breast Size, Genetics & Big Breasts

Natural Breast Size: Your Frame & Your Genetics

The main overriding factor that determines your natural breast size is your genetics. This is a hard fact and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Your level of body fat will affect the size of your breasts. Breast tissue is mainly fat, so increasing your body fat will increase the size of your breasts. However, how your body stores fat is also down to your genetics. For some women, when they start to put on weight, the first place their body starts to store fat is in their breast tissue. Lucky them! For others, fat storage will increase in other areas of the body more noticeably than in the breasts.

Unfortunately, you cannot control where your body will store fat. Just as your genetics determines where your body stores fat when you put on weight, it also determines where to take from when you loose weight. You cannot spot reduce fat from a chosen area of your body through exercise. Aerobic exercise burns fat and it is your genetics which controls where the fat is taken from, not the type of exercise you do. That said, exercises which build muscle are different in that you can control where your body will build muscle. See our guide on breast firming exercises for more details.

Another point to note based upon the fact that breast tissue is mainly fat, is that if you are slim or have a low body fat percentage then it is unlikely that you will have large breasts.

For women who are unhappy with their natural breast size, the concept of putting on weight in order to increase their breast size is not a viable option. Many turn to breast enlargement surgery as a result.

Body Shapes: Pears, Apples & Hourglass

As a consequence of genetics and how women's bodies stores fat, this gives rise to certain groups of female body shapes. There are several typical body shapes such as hourglass, pear and apple:

  • Apples have a rounded waistline and large breasts. This is because apples store fat in their bust and waist.

  • Pears are perhaps a little less fortunate with their genetics. This is because pears store fat on their hips and thighs and also around the buttocks.

  • With an hourglass figure has a narrow waistline. The measurement across the bust is similar to that across the hips. The shoulders are wider than that of a pear. Body fat tends to be deposited around the breast area, giving a natural large bust. However, like the pear, fat is also stored on the thighs and the hips. The hourglass has a slim waistline because fat is not stored around the tummy and middle.

Women with apple and hourglass figures will benefit from an increase in breast size as they put on weight. However, they will also experience an increase in fat around their waist (apples) or hips and thighs (hourglass).