Breast Enlargement Suction Pumps & Mechanical Devices

Breast Enlargement Suction Pumps & Mechanical Devices

How Do Breast Enlargement Pumps Work?

These typically work on a suction basis by creating a very low air pressure over the breasts. The low air pressure increases the blood supply to the breast tissue which is believed to promote the growth of new breast tissue and expand the size of the existing breast tissue cells.

When you first start to use a breast enhancement pump, there will be an increase in your breast size but it will be due to swelling rather than any breast tissue growth. The swelling will quickly subside within a few hours as your breasts return to their normal size until you connect the pump again.

What Increase In Breast Size Will I Get?

Several months are often required in order to see any visible breast enlargement results so you need to be patient. Results are not guaranteed and it is not known if the results are permanent over a long period of time.

Some women have reported to experience an increase of up to one cup size; others experience less of an increase, including some who experience no increase in their breast size at all.

How Do I Use A Breast Enlargement Pump?

Two large air-tight domes are used, one is placed over each breast. The domes are then connected to a suction device. They are typically worn for around 10 hours per day for several months. They are worn mainly while you are sleeping. You would need to prepare yourself and get use to this prolonged wear of the device.

How Much Do Breast Enlargement Pumps Cost?

Prices vary drastically depending on the product and are much less than breast enlargement surgery prices. Some products are sophisticated and involve computer regulated suction whereas others are involve a basic mechanical suction device such as a hand pump. Prices vary from around £20 (try eBay) to around £500 or more.