Bust Enhancers, Breast Enhancer Bras, Push Up Bras & Padded Bras

Bust Enhancers, Breast Enhancer Bras, Push Up Bras & Padded Bras

Obviously bust enhancers and breast enhancer bras does not actually increase the size of your breast tissue, they just make your breasts look bigger! These are a practical, low cost, alternative to breast enlargement surgery and there are no medical risks associated with them. All of these are are widely available in high street stores and on the internet. The results can be quite impressive, up to two cup sizes bigger! They are highly recommended. Popular bras and enhancers are as follows:

Breast Enhancers

These are also known as chicken fillets due to their appearance. They consist of plastic bags filled with gel which are positioned below each breast and inside the bra cup. They push up the breasts and appear to make them look fuller.

Push Up Bras

These have padding inside the cups to make the bust look bigger. They also contain pockets in the inside of the cups which allow you to insert extra padding to boost the effects. Push up bras are also available with a draw string in the centre of the bra. The draw string enables you to pull the cups together and provide the effect of a larger cleavage.

Padded Bra

Simple but effective, These contain extra padding inside the cups to make the bust appear fuller.

Gel Bra

These have built-in gel filled bags inside the bottom of the bra cup which increases the apparent volume and size of the breasts. They also push up the breasts and push them together to enhance your breast cleavage. Gel bras mould to shape easily. They are a little cold at first but soon warm up to your body temperature. Gel bras are particularly effective and they give a natural look in enhancing your breast size and cleavage. The only real negative point about these bras is that they are quite heavy.