Breast Augmentation: Step by step

Breast Augmentation: Step by step

Starting from your initial thoughts of having breast enlargement surgery, the overall process through to the end result can seem quite daunting. There are many clinics and many options to choose from. You may have concerns and unanswered questions. In this guide, we explain the steps which should be considered in order help you make the choices that the right for you. We also provide you with links to comprehensive information on each of the steps along the way.

Research Breast Augmentation

Understand the jargon and the different options such as implant placement and implant size, shape and texture.

Do your own research around breast enlargement surgery using our guides.


Investigate and understand the risks involved during breast augmentation surgery and afterwards.

Consider alternatives

Will cosmetic surgery abroad be cheaper? What are the risks and what needs to be considered?

Research breast enlargement pills, creams, breast enhancers and other non-surgical alternatives.

Experiences of Others

Find out how others felt who have had implants and share in their cosmetic surgery stories.


How are you going to finance your boob job? Perhaps with a cosmetic surgery loan?

Breast Size

Give careful thought to breast size, before and after implant surgery. Experiment with the rice test.

Choosing a breast augmentation clinic and surgeon

Compare prices of UK breast enlargement clinics, locations, aftercare and other details.

Your Consultation

What your breast enlargement surgery consultation involves and what to expect. A checklist of what you should ask.

The Surgical Procedure

What happens during the operation and the surgical incision options.

The Recovery Process

What to expect for recovery after breast surgery and what the short term effects are.

Practical tips on support bras and sports bras to wear for aiding the recovery process.


Find out what after service your chosen clinic provides and for how long. Under what circumstances will your breast implants be replaced free of charge and how long the aftercare cover period applies for.