Breast enlargement before and after surgery

Breast enlargement before and after surgery

Deciding on breast implant size before and after surgery

One of the biggest decisions to face before your breast enlargement surgery is to choose what size implants and what breast size you would like to be after surgery. One of the many approaches which you could take, is to examine the before and after photos of the many celebrities who've had breast augmentation.

Although this can be fun and give some indication on size and shape, there are a number of reasons as to why this is not a good method. One of the main reasons is that different people have different body frames, heights etc. and so some people can carry off a larger breast size than others without appearing unnatural. Secondly, do you really trust the photos that you see to be free from airbrushing?. For more information, read the guide on celebrity plastic surgery and celebrity bra sizes.

A more effective method which you can try at home to help determine what breast implant after size might be suitable for you is the rice test. This is a simple test that will only take 45 minutes or so and can be fun. It will give you a good idea of how you might look with breast implants after surgery and it will feel to wear them. Simply by altering the amount of rice you use, then you'll be able to experiment with several different implant sizes. All it will cost is a little time, a couple of cheap bras and bag of rice!

The most important method when deciding on implant size though, must be your discussion with the surgeon at your breast enlargement surgery consultation. Your surgeon will provide advice as to what will be suitable for your body frame. There should be some before and after pictures for you to see which are of the surgeon's own personal work. Some clinics have simulator software which may help e.g. e-Stetix and Axis-Three.

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Breast implants before and after pictures

Before and after breast surgery with 500cc breast implants

The picture shows before and after snaps of breast augmentation with 500cc silicone implants; complete with sun tan and belly button jewelry!

More pictures of subglandular implant placement.

Before and after breast enlargement

These photos show a small breast enhanced with partial unders. A very natural appearance has resulted from a sensible choice of implant size and profile.

Before and after breast surgery

Breast augmentation with saline implants; the profile is moderate and a submuscular placement has been used.

More pictures of submuscular implant placement.