About Us

How do we make our money?

Our site is free to use. We do not charge you a fee for using the site and we do not charge you commission if you apply to one of the cosmetic surgery clinics listed on our site. This means that if you do apply from our site, the price you pay to the clinic will be exactly the same as if you went to the clinic direct. You will be eligible for exactly the same deals, discounts and offers as going direct.

We earn money from the clinics themselves by sending customers to them. Effectively, they pay us a finders fee for sending new business to them. We also make money from the adverts which are placed upon our site.

Once you have completed your research, then all we ask in return is that you click on the links or buttons on our site to apply with or contact the cosmetic surgery clinics. It won't cost you a penny more because you are going direct with the clinics.

Why did we setup this site?

We setup originally for women who are considering breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Before its inception, we felt that it was difficult to be able to do quality, fact finding research on the internet. We now offer a tummy tuck channel and other procedures such as botox will be introduced in the near future. Our goal is to bridge that knowledge gap and provide impartial, practical guides and help in one web site.

Our commitment to you

Our site is hassle free. Our intention is to provide you with free, impartial and unbiased information on cosmetic surgery to allow you to make your own informed decision and choices in getting breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. We will not try and encourage you to go with a particular clinic just because we get the most commission from the them and we will not try to persuade you that breast augmentation surgery is the right option for you. It is in our best interest to provide you with an open, honest and unbiased service as this encourages more visitors to the site.